Arduously we sow, plentifully we reap for you. UNI, cherries on your cakes and unique smile on your cherry lips.


Enterprise Development History:

Myanmar Unilink Communication CO., LTD. was established in April 2015; it was incorporated by an internationally diversified team, and it is a company that is growing and emphasizes reflection. The company headquartered is in Yangon - the largest city of Myanmar, and had set up regional branches in Mandalay and Bassein. Our company plans to set up regional branches in the capital city – Naypyidaw and other main cities of Myanmar. Relying on its independent core intellectual property, the nationwide layout of network in Myanmar and IDC core network operation ability, Unilink regards Myanmar all-optical network market as its development space and has sufficient technical innovation, talent innovation, entrepreneurial products and other resource advantages, plans to build Internet all-optical IP network ecosystem and to maintain the sustained and rapid development in Myanmar.

Unilink Myanmar gradually constructed all-optical IP network with advanced technology and excellent services in the main regions of Myanmar, and will provide customers with high speed broadband Internet access service (FTTX), virtual network service (MPLS-VPN), Internet dedicated line access service (DIA) and high speed wireless access service in hot spots (WLAN),construct Cloud IDC platform based on CDN and provide hosting business for host computers, in order to provide comprehensive, high quality low price, high speed and diversified Internet content and application service (ICP&APP) to the Internet users in the whole territory of Myanmar. Unilink also endeavors to being a strategic partner in the industry of e-commerce and ICT, offering the all-inclusive services, ranging from “cloud” to “platform” to “terminal”.